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04 Apr 2013
Bucharest, Hotel
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24 Oct 2013
Bucharest, Hotel
Ibis Palatul
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Secretariat would be pleased to assist you for any information regarding our activity and services.
About us
5 years surveillance

is a company specialized in training, auditing and consulting in pharmacological and pharmaceutical fields. It was set up on November 2005. At the end of 2010 the company already organized 30 seminars on clinical research topics: Basics of Good Clinical Practice, Good Clinical Practice – Advance Module, Successful Clinical Research Project Management, New European and Romanian Legislation in Clinical Research, GCP Inspections and Audits, in house courses with more than 830 participants. Verum.edu is certified by Romanian Medical Association (RMA) as Continuous Medical Education (CME) training organization.
    Each seminar's participant evaluated Verum.edu activity in a post event evaluation form and the overall outcome was a very good one.

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